A Peek Inside Their Lives

I have some bragging rights I’d like to share. Yesterday, I got to spend nine hours with the indelible Jeanette. I usually call this last day of the weekend (or what I consider to be the last day) “Sucky Sunday” because it signals and end to the relaxation. Sunday screams “Haha, don’t enjoy me too much because Monday is just around the corner and you’ll be back to work, away from your family, tied to a cubicle. Oh yeah, girlfriend, don’t get too relaxed cuz I’m here to ruin it all”. Allowing this cynical belief to vibrate through my body is a terrible practice. It lessens the infinite possibilities of the day and definately gets in the way of being mindful and ever present.

But, alas, yesterday’s Sunday wasn’t “sucky” at all! Partly because it was a holiday weekend but mostly because I was bathing in the light of Jeanette’s wisdom and wonderful humanness. Can I please tell you that her husband Sam is a delightful father and human bean too? They both listen to my husband’s exuberant details of his line of work, his passion: architecture. They nod as he describes structurally insulated panels in detail. They extend their belief in him when he says he’s confident their remodel can both exceed their expectations and fall within their budget. They humor his love for modern design and wait oh so patiently in their empty new house as he scribbles out new ideas on paper, using stacked boxes as his desk. They say wonderfully confirming things such as “I really like where we’re headed with this design” and trust that their collaboration with him will result in a beautiful place to live and raise their children.

Mostly, they are loving parents. They parent with such grace, such patience, that I am awed each and every time I’m in their presence. Together, they are a united front and they achieve this with what seems like the ease of a breezy day. While she may not believe it, if there is only one thing Jeanette need feel no “Fraud Factor” about, it’s her innate mothering skills. (Truth be told, I think there’s loads more than one thing, but that’s going to be left up to our personal chats over dinner and girly drinks).

I know I ramble on a lot about being honored in the presence of others. But really, when at 1pm Jeanette and I collapses on the floor amidst Bella’s toys and Jeanette says she’s so exhausted from being up with Julianna at night, I am honored when she takes her time nursing (figuratively and literally) her tiny babe to sleep at 9pm and walks back with a grin to talk it up with me some more. And when I sit next to Jeanette in her chocolate brown, embroidered peasant skirt, legs tucked under, and a tired, self proclaimed “grumpy” Bella on her lap, I’m honored as I behold Jeanette smile and enthusiastically read a Munsch book to Bella without making me believe it’s probably the 200th time this has been done. And of course, when I watch Sam gingerly, lovingly administer some Benadryl that will help Bella’s rash after she really, really protested taking it so much that when he walked in the door at almost 10pm after a special trip to Walgreen’s to pick it up, she stopped mid-sentence to look at him, point, and say “And I’m STILL not gonna take it!” I do, perhaps strangely, feel honored.


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  1. Jeanette says:

    Holy Cow. I’m speechless (and we all know that does not happen often). My first though – have I ever gotten Leigh fooled:) You, my friend, are too kind and very good for my self esteem. Glad to have such a gracious and good soul in my life – and hope you never leave.

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