Art = Poetry = Art

All the dang good interactive blogs out there (particularly Illustration Friday and Mixed Media Memoirs) have got me thinkin' lately about art. I am terrible at drawing, at expressing myself with the color of paints or acrylics to paper. Words are so much more comfortable to me, so much safer. When I try to draw, the white spaces on the paper seem to shout "You suck! We need to be filled!". When I write, the white spaces instead seem to whisper "Sit with us! Good job! Keep going. We don't have to hide".

So, I'm testing the waters at this artsy stuff. Upon this first attempt, I think I'd have to admit I flunked.


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  1. Kelly says:

    I started on your old blog, and when I did, I was thinking you should be trying to start out as a writer. I love the way you post. I wouldn’t worry about the drawing part of art, words are a art of their own, and you have that wonderful talent. Keep doing what you do best!!!

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