The Best of the Worst

The Best of the Worst

List-a-mania, as they call it, has set in for me. I blame it on laziness and an exhausted mental state. Here are some of my latest personal favs in the “Best of the Worst” department.

Best of the Worst…Fast Foods

  • In-n-Out Burgers
  • Wetzel’s Pretzels
  • Sonic’s French Toast Sticks (with syrup!)
  • Krispy Kreme warm, chocolate iced donuts (Folks, you get ½ dozen free donuts on your birthday. Plus a mug filled with your choice of beverage. Yep. I drove through three different KK locations last year. That equals 1.5 dozen free, gratis, greasy, warm, sugary lumps of heavenly treat. Guilt-free, of course, on your birthday)

Best of the Worst…Indulgent Foods

  • Choc-o-diles (always priced at like .39 cents or something at the gas stations)
  • Milky Way Midnight candy bars
  • Paradise Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (duh!)
  • E.L. Fudge Cookies (dipped in milk)
  • Golden Oreos (very addictive)
  • My own concoction called “Preggo Delight”: Rainbow sherbet w/gummi bears and peanut butter cups

Best of the Worst…Shopping Spree Addictions

  • Fashion Q/Xi (so cheap, so trendy. full of strippers!)
  • Ross Dress for Less (designer purses and shoes for a steal. Great maternity too)
  • Last Chance (Nordstrom bargain designer clothes – ya gotta hunt-n-peck. Don’t go on Saturdays unless you want to battle or arm wrestle)
  • Ann Taylor Loft (classy, simple)
  • Old Navy (fun, so much variety, comfy maternity. Plus, baby clothes!)

Best of the Worst…Bad Habits

  • Chewing fingernails (stress reliever)
  • Not refilling the toilet paper roll (sometimes, it just feels good to half-ass things)
  • Consistently underestimating arrival/departure times (a.k.a being late)
  • Stashing unfolded laundry (dirty or clean) away in my closet, in a basket (a big “F-you” to household chores)
  • Removing my shoes in random spots…and leaving them there (pure laziness)

Best of the Worst…Reality TV Shows

  • American Inventor (laugh your butt off)
  • American Idol (particularly the early auditions)
  • OK, I just realized I actually don’t watch enough TV to really be able to elaborate on this topic

Best of the Worst…Excuses to Blog Instead of: Go to Bed, Pay Bills, Clean the Kitchen, Change a Dirty Diaper, Go #1, Got #2, Eat for the First Time All Day

  • It’s therapeutic
  • I can wallow in other people’s problems
  • I can live vicariously through other people (gotta check in on my girly girls)
  • “It helps me to sharpen my saw”
  • Too lazy to call everyone who I’d like to update on my boring, crazy, lovely, wouldn’t-trade-it life
  • I might garner a compliment…or not
  • “I’m documenting Kaia’s life!”

Best of the Worst…Things I’ve Said Out of Frustration and Impatience Lately to My Dear Husband (all of which I immediately apologized for…or soon thereafter)

  • YOU try working from home AND taking care of a baby twice a week! (pity party)
  • At some point you really need to decide to stop working and spend time with your family on Easter! (which he did)
  • Sometimes I feel like a single Mom! (ohhh, that was uncalled for)
  • …Sure, just like you try and put the dishes away in the dishwasher when you are done with them. (When he kindly asked if I could try to put my shoes up when I take them off)
  • Shhhhh, don’t wake the baby! (repeated Every. Single. Morning. while I’m still in bed. He has never complained)

Best of the Worst…Excuses for Being a Homebody

  • “I’m an introvert”


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  1. SadieGrey says:

    Hahah, good lists!!!

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