for jason, twenty-eight

upon pulling back

the edges of my heart

the revelation was that

you were always there

deep down

tunneled and safe

knocking, knocking




i knew this

when I was in high school

with stringy hair

and combat boots

and so many poems

i could drink them

for days




when she asked me

“who would you marry”

and I answered



without hesitation





like the worry stone

whose edges are smooth

from rhythmic touch

from ages, from love

so, too, my heart now

smooth, from love

from 120 moons




i get it now

it’s not that you complete me

as much as you

make me remember

who I am

when I’m alone

with the dark moon




so bare, so tiny


like a child

destined to birth

like her

destined to be ours

on this day




*** on jason's 28th birthday, 4.11.2006


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