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Holy Cow, don’t ever go checkin’ other other peeps’ blogs at 11:30 at night. Not only do you realize that the blog world is truly a web, but that web grabs ya and reallllly doesn’t want to let you go. Nope. It wants you to sit and read, read, read until you get too tired and BAM – down comes the spider. Eats you alive with incredible words. Hilarious, sarcastic, honest, edgy, wailing words.

A few nights ago I became engrossed in a few blogs and finally had to go to sleep. I left my computer screen feeling like an utter amateur…like a fifth grader writing a 3 paragraph essay on the disappearance of dinosaurs.

Ya know the saying “Well, there’s always someone worse off than you”. Well, in the blog world, there’s always someone “much better at writing than you”! Much, much, much better. Start to read blogs and you’ll be amazed at the talent out there. True talent. Word-smiths. Analogy queens. Masterful picture painters (with words). Insightful story tellers. And people who have an awful lot to say about poop.


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