Our 8 Month Old Daughter…

– Said “DaDa” for the first time last Thursday. She has said it “on cue” when seeing or hearing Jason a handful of times.
– Has her very first ear infection
– Tries terribly hard NOT to crawl. Wants to roll her way around. Getting better at her own version of crawling.
– Can fanagle her way from a laying down position to sitting up
– Eats Cheerios, mashed up bananas, apple and carrot wagon wheels
– Chews on teething biscuits
– Discovered (like, for reals) the majesty of her tongue this week. Sticks it out while in the carseat.
– Still doesn’t sleep through the night
– Can clap her hands
– Looks around for JP when you say “Where’s your puppy?”
– Gets the concept of Peek-a-boo
– Is really into loud squealing
– Begs for sips out of your water glass
– Has two teeth on bottom
– Bites when nursing (I have the battle wound to prove it)
– Plays around when nursing
– Recognizes the “Elmo’s World” song
– Pulls on your nose and lips (ouch!) and explores inside your mouth with her hands
– Loves to talk into her “pop-bead” toys to hear the echo
– Looks more and more like her Daddy each day
– Had earwax removed at the Dr’s office last week (so sad! And boy, she protested). Dr. says she has narrow ear canals.
– Can say “more” in sign language when I’m feeding her in her high chair (unless I’m confusing it for excited clapping)
– Crawls up onto your lap like a monkey if you are sitting on the floor playing with her
– Is a champion napper (goes down easy, sleeps for hours. Hmmm, just like her folks!)
– Doesn’t like her nose to be cleaned
– Still doesn’t “bounce” up and down on her knees like some babies
– Babbles in her crib in the mornings
– Goes nuts for fruit
– Sometimes gags on green veggies
– Knows the sound of the ringing phone
– Does the “stiff as a board” move when she doesn’t want to be put down or sit down
– Always pees if you keep her diaper off for more than 20 seconds
– Is growing too fast
– Still melts my heart when I see her, awake and hungry, at 4 in the morning


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Phoenixdoula says:

    Oh – but it that picture she looks like you!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing but I do think she looks identicle to you Leigh! So happy to talk to you last night! I hope we can catch up more soon! As I read your list it helped me to remember when all those little things happen with my Coopie. It’s so AMAZING! It is still AMAZING!

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