My Tooth Fairy

So, I'm not a Mom that checks often to see if teeth have managed to break their way through Kaia's soft gums. People often ask if she has any teeth yet and I have to admit, quite embarrased, that I really don't know.
Today was the day I decided to check and wouldn't ya know it – a little tooth is poking through just enough to see it and feel it! After I smiled and hugged her tight and told her Congrats, I realized that this tooth and I could have many a fight during nursing sessions. Let's just hope it behaves…When I told her Daddy, he was so darn excited he could barely contain it. "What a PERSON!" he squealed and smothered her jiggly cheeks with smooches. He kissed the top of her freshly washed head of hair and said "See, I told you that you'd have to grow a tooth for Daddy since I just had one taken out!". Ever the compliant girl…Yes, so after an emergency tooth extraction and 5 days later, Jason and sat in awe of our lil' tooth fairy. Quit growing so fast, my love!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a precious story. What a cute baby and what a cute couple. Grams

  2. dad says:


    I just caught up on all of your recent additions. You….

    are funny, and loving and happy and beautiful and bright and talented and gifted and warm and couragous and faithful and sweet and dedicated and hard working and …. I am your dad and…

    I love you.

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