The Tale of the Princess Who Wouldn’t Sleep.

Long ago, in a place of lore, there was a lovely Princess. Princess Kaia’s name meant “Of The Earth” and indeed, she was truly loved and adored by all in the land. And, when the stars shone softly upon the desert, she would sleep. Through the night. Peacefully. All was good and happy.
And then, there was some distruption in the land and the King Daddy and Queen Mama decided it was time to leave. Into Nana’s house they moved, into a small, cozy room which would be home for two moons. There were kitties and doggies and lots of kisses from the Nana. And then, in the comfort and excitement of Nana’s house, Kaia decided she would no longer need to sleep. Through the night. Peacefully. Kaia would instead wake often. Throughout the night. Loudly. Consistently.
“This, too, shall pass”, the Queen Mama would say. “When we find a home of our own, our princess Kaia will once again feel safe and secure and will surely remember that nighttime is for sleeping”.
And so, according to plan, the Kin, Queen, and Mama moved into a home of their own. It was a beautiful, spacious castle in the mountains just north of the desert land. Just enough room for the King, Queen, and Princess to stretch their bodies and relax. And the lucky little Princess had a room of her own with windows and a fan and her comfy crib. “Certainly, this princess-sized room will be just quiet and peaceful enough for our little girl to sleep soundly in”, said the Queen Mama.
And, so the story goes: The Princess Kaia does not sleep. Through the night. Peacefully. The Princess decides instead to fall asleep only on Queen Mama and, when laid gently into her downy crib, awakens with sad cries, determined screams, and a frowning mouth. Once Princess Kaia is finally off to dreamland, she pierces the silent night frequently with the same sad cries, determined screams, and frowning mouth. She is hungry. She is lonely. She is on her back. Her nose is snotty. She is confused. She is binkyless. And then, she is in the Queen Mama’s arms.
Queen Mama wonders when the “Seepy Seepland”fairy will visit Princess Kaia and sprinkle “Seepy Seep” dust on her sweet, closed hazel eyes. It will surely be a wondorous night. It will certainly be so quiet. Queen Mama wonders “Will it be lonely”? And we will sleep…happily ever after…through the night. Peacefully. Until the next Princess or Prince joins the royal family.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Grams says:

    How do you do this, Leigh? This is a precious story about our princeess. I want to hear more about “seepy seep.” Makes me seepy and sappy. Grams

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