Six Months!

(Click photo for bigger version of cuteness!)

As of yesterday, January 5th…six months of baby bliss! Six months of spit up, restless nights, knowing glances, endearing expressions, unrequited love, poopy diapers, unscheduled nursing ssessions, learning a new language, and being reminded of a language so primitive and real…parental love!
And within those six short months…recovering from a C-birth, battling and recovering from pneumonia, moving (twice), taking on new jobs (Jason), returning to old jobs (mine) leaving a dream behind (Taliesin West), pursuing new dreams (search for the perfect plot of land to build our house), and getting to intimately know another human (Kaia, and Jason again). What a whirlwind of a year 2005 was. I cannot imagine what 2006 holds for us.
Smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, we decided to move. And this year, for the first year in many many, we were unable to send holiday cards by Christmas. I had a letter written and everything (including a family photo!), but alas, it got put on the backburner while moving in to our new home in Anthem. I am in the process of editing it and will be posting it soon. So, yes, it’s doesn’t quite have the “personal, arriving in the mail, happy holiday” effect. But, we did want to share our thoughts with each of you as we welcome the new year.
Our little girl has a runny, snotty nose. Last night we put her to bed in her stroller, so that she could be more upright for nose drainage purposes. Well, she awoke 3-4 times every hour until, out of Mommy desperation, I scooped her up at 4:30 am and headed to Wal-Mart for some relief. We aren’t huge fans of medicating our baby, so if driving to Wally World in the wee hours of the morning wasn’t enought to convince you I was desperate, then certainly going there for medicine should…
In a half daze (don’t worry, I was cognizant enough to drive), I wrapped Kaia up in a fleece blankie and hopped in the car. The wind was bitter and gusted around us. Kaia looked up through her little hole in the blanket with wide, excited eyes. With the moonlight upon us, I could even see her baby fine hair blowing in the wind. In search of Tylenol Cold/Cough medicine for infants, I finally realized that Mommies of sick babies have recently gotten the shaft! The new regulations around selling cough medicine have changed so that you must purchase the stuff from the pharmacy. Of course, Wal-Mart’s pharmacy isn’t open at 4:30 am for Mommies in dire need of one straight hour of uninterruped sleep. So, I settled on children’s allergy medicine that seemed to have simliar ingredients for alleviating runny noses. I didn’t even wait until we were out of Wal-Mart to administer the first dose. Hey, I figured I had a good 5 minute drive in which it could start to course through her body.
I managed to get about 2 hours of decent sleep, in which I dreamed like a madwoman. After arriving home from work today, and noticing her nose hadn’t cleared a bit, I sent Jason out for the good stuff. In less than an hour, it had worked. I just recently put the exausted babe down for the night without so much as a peep from her. Let’s hope tonight is better!
So, at six months, our precious girl loves to sit up and play on her soft giraffe mat. She’ll entertain herself for 15 minutes at a time, which, for Moms, is akin to hours! Enough time to speed clean a kitchen, write a few emails, fold a load of laundry, fix a bite to eat – no, a MEAL, or make some quick phone calls. When she starts to get fussy, I move her from station to station – to her Exersaucer next, then in her stroller, then in front of the TV to watch Sesame Street, then on my lap, then down for a nap. She’s rolling over so much, mainly from her tummy to back, and loves to gnaw at her toes. We’ve figured out how to make her “belly laugh”, which we can’t get enough of. While she hasn’t started to crawl yet, she rolls and reaches, and grabs at anything in sight. Testing her lungs and vocal cords is her other new found passion, and she can release an array of squeaks, squawks, and screams. Speaking of releasing, she’s also a gas machine, ifya know what I mean! She eats baby food once a day and Kimmy’s Special (my sitters homemade sweet potatoes) and so far doesn’t seem too keen on greens. Gonna have to work on that! She watches JP intently and I melt when she smiles and laughs at him.
I still hold my girl and rock her to sleep everyday and think about how she has seemed to sprout into a “kid” so quickly. I never, ever thought I’d almost forget what those early infant days were like…holding and kissing and nursing such a tiny body. She’s got me “wrapped” around her chubby fingers!


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    Absolutely precious!–>

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