BIRTH STORY PART 6 – Our Love Unfolds

Jason accompanied Kaia to the nursery while I was in the recovery room. He was at her side the entire time and even changed her first diaper. When proud Papa and Kaia showed up again, we all breathed a sigh of relief that the surgery was over and began bonding as a family. Kaia was hungry and latched on like a champ right away. I remember the sense of relief I had with Jason next to me and Kaia on my chest. It felt right. I couldn’t help but think that we were supposed to be home doing all of this…waves of disappointment came and went those next few days, but they were also overshadowed by the deep sense of joy over Kaia’s arrival. She was absolutely beautiful and adorable –so aware and wise already. Holding her soft fuzzy head was exactly what I anticipated. I felt so lucky to be her Mommy and felt the immense need to always protect her. Kaia slept through the night immediately, only waking up in about 3-4 hour intervals. Jason was a miracle helper and became an expert at changing her diapers. She was in our hospital room with us the entire stay, and would sleep in her little bassinet at our feet. Poor Jason had a very uncomfortable reclining chair to sleep in. It didn’t really matter anyways – we got very little sleep because we were so overwhelmed and enthralled by our daughter. One of our goals was to get out of the hospital as quickly as possible and we achieved it by leaving about 30 hours after Kaia’s birth. We wanted to be home with our daughter…where it was comfortable and familiar and quiet. Walking into our home for the first time was a bit eerie – it’s as if part of the energy of the homebirth experience remained. Yet, it was also a bit lonely with an air of biter sweetness… It was like being part of a movie, or a play, that didn’t end…However; we settled into our bed with our daughter close by and began our lives as the Steele family of three. While one journey – pregnancy – had ended, another began…


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  1. Chelsea says:

    Wow – what an amazing birth story! You are such a strong mama- I remember those feelings of being in labor , that excitement, and the fuzzy – not quite aware of everything around you feeling too…
    That is my biggest fear as well – the hospital transport – I hope that if that is my fate, I handle it as gracefully and beautifully as you did….
    Wishing you your perfect homebirth this time 🙂

  2. erin says:

    i love this so so much…
    i have read it a few times before, and could read it a few times more…
    what i love the absolute most is how so.. calm.. and.. accepting? allowing? forgiving? you are and were about the entire process… having the dream birth at home and suddenly into the very thing you never wanted or imagined.. and yet still carrying so much light around the entire experience makes me feel so much better.
    something that could have turned into a nightmare story told by anyone else, was turned into something so hopeful.

    i wish that i had you here with me for my birth..

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